Three Birds Canvas Case is designed with the simplicity and quality in mind. It is printed with the painting ‘Blooming Anthology’ by I Dewa Ketut Oka and make one of the four paintings that is the main inspiration of the Oka Collection apparel.

TheThree Birds Canvas Case comes with a leather pleated hand strap that is detachable. This may serve as a keyring or wallet strap in any other instance. When attached to the sturdy zipper of this canvas case, this makes this case versatile and can be used as a fashion accessory as a clutch.

The canvas used for this little colourful bag is in fact also waterproof, making it very safe to place your travel accessories. It is lined with 100% cotton lining as well.

Three Birds Canvas Case, is of the painting ‘Three Songbirds’. This particular painting held a special meaning for the artist. It is of three songbirds representing the three members of his family whilst awaiting the arrival of his daughter. The memories of this time and the artists sentiment is carried through into the the Bird Star design. The painting Three Songbirds is the basis of the ‘Star Design’ which is prominent in the Summer Oka Collection.


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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 18 × 3 cm
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