Grandiflora Canvas Case is designed with the simplicity and quality in mind. It is printed with the painting ‘Blooming Anthology’ by I Dewa Ketut Oka and make one of the four paintings that is the main inspiration of the Oka Collection apparel.

The Grandiflora Canvas Case comes with a leather pleated hand strap that is detachable. This may serve as a keyring or wallet strap in any other instance. When attached to the sturdy zipper of this canvas case, this makes this case versatile and can be used as a fashion accessory as a clutch.

The canvas used for this little colourful bag is in fact also waterproof, making it very safe to place your travel accessories. It is lined with 100% cotton lining as well.


About the painting

The painting is ‘White Clock Vine’. Throughout Dewa Ketut Oka’s years painting, one of his favourite subjects is that of the Grandiflora Flower. Also known as the White Clock Vine. It is beautiful. And often graces the tropical landscape in Bali.

Though it may not be known to many, that this flower is mentioned in the Hindu Veda. It is associated with overcoming negativity. Essentially, addressing mental clarity and focus. In the original writing,  it is associated with the Hindu Deity Krishna. This is the inspiration behind the design of the white flower surrounded by the square shapes. There is Light in the centre surrounded by four directions.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 18 × 3 cm
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