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Witnessing The Thoughts Meditation with Edanur Taktak

Witnessing The Thoughts Meditation with Edanur Taktak

This week, the meditation from Edanur Taktak looks at witnessing your thoughts. A short and simple meditation that helps you to take a bit of time and control the pace to look at the behaviour of thoughts. With most of us, thoughts come and go. And when they come they are automatically accepted as part of who we are. Our thoughts are not generally questioned or mistrusted. Because it is from our own minds, they are trusted and often, followed. Our thoughts as a result are these fleeting voices that have the power to lead us in many different directions.

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When we take a little bit of time, in a calm and quiet space we can learn to observe our thoughts from a neutral perspective. As though they are not part of us. As though they are simply voices we hear in the distance. This practice helps us to look at our thoughts objectively.


Witnessing The Thoughts

With this week’s meditation, I invite you to give a break and curiously witness the nature of your thoughts. As if you were an outside observer of them.

As thoughts come up, notice them without becoming involved in the direction they are heading. Without judging, suppressing or denying your thoughts watch what moves through you.

Practice it as much as you want, specially if you feel like you need a break.

Witnessing The Thoughts with Edanur Taktak just emphasises again, how important and valuable the time we give ourselves to meditate. Especially when such short minutes can begin such a wonderful, positive transformation in your life. Despite their simplicity, they embody incredible values that are powerful tools to cultivate in your journey towards self awareness and better health.

Join Eda now in Witnessing The Thoughts Meditation

Witnessing The Thoughts Meditation is one that you can do everyday.

Witnessing The Thoughts Meditation

Who Would Benefit from these meditations?

“Actually, for two and half almost three years we are going through a very stressful life. Because of the coronavirus pandemic. This is a fact of life that has affected many for some time. I would say that everyone can benefit from these meditations. In our times today there are a lot of verbal and emotional tensions. Witnessing The Thoughts meditation gives us a chance be aware of wandering thoughts that often lead in directions we are not planning to go.

For those who may already be well on the path of cultivating emotional awareness and would like to explore further, Edanur is available for private consultation for TFT (Thought Field Therapy).

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