Letting Go Meditation

Letting Go Meditation with Edanur Taktak

Letting Go Meditation with Edanur Taktak.

This week, our meditation from Edanur looks at letting go. A good spring clean is good for any home. To get rid of clutter and excess baggage. In fact it may not that different for us. The nature of our mind is indiscriminate. It absorbs everything that it is exposed to and keeps some kind of record. Whether it is painful or pleasurable, meaningful or trivial the mind hoardes its information and stores it away and we often forget about it.

This should not surprise us. Since the world we live in is programmed towards accruing. Whether its accruing material things or recognition and acknowledgement things are often measured. Achievement is quantifiable by how much more you gain. As we are thrust in this strong current of accruing, we may not have the opportunity to stop and evaluate. Are the things we are accruing beneficial to our wellbeing and happiness? Not everything acquired will always be good for you. Certainly, acquiring more is no guarantee of peace or happiness. Especially not health.

Letting Go Meditation

Learning to let go is important. Certainly for healing. For those who have suffered painful experiences or disappointments. As its persistent memory can lead to lasting pain. However, it is not only for difficult experiences that have left its residue.

Learning to let go is also a beneficial regular exercise to keep our internal selves free of unnecessary emotional clutter. Freeing up room for energies and possibilities that may be far more beneficial to our well being and happiness.

Letting Go is a State of Mind

So, even though it is going against the dominant behaviours we are taught from very young, it is never the wrong time to take a moment to evaluate. What emotional clutter we have hoarded and learn the practice to cultivate a state of letting go. Which ultimately teaches us acceptance. Whether you are experiencing just excessive daily stress or there are more persistent recollections that still trouble you, Letting Go Meditation by Edanur Taktak is a few minutes to help you release unnecessary burdens and return to a more balanced natural state.

Letting Go Meditation

Letting Go Meditation

Letting go is not something that we ‘accomplish’. Its a state of being. Whenever you feel tension or you are stuck in a negative thought cycle, just bring your attention to your breath.

Letting Go Meditation with Edanur Taktak just emphasises again, how important and valuable the time we give ourselves to meditate. Especially when such short minutes can begin such a wonderful, positive transformation in your life. Despite their simplicity, they embody incredible values that are powerful tools to cultivate in your journey towards self awareness and better health.

Join Eda now in Letting Go Meditation

Letting Go Meditation is one that you can do everyday.

Who Would Benefit from these meditations?

“Actually, for two and half almost three years we are going through a very stressful life. Because of the coronavirus pandemic. This is a fact of life that has affected many for some time. I would say that everyone can benefit from these meditations. In our times today there are a lot of verbal and emotional tensions. Letting Go meditation gives us a chance to recognise build up of stress that already show signs in our bodies. To recognise them and allow them release is a truly constructive way to improve our overall wellbeing.

For those who may already be well on the path of cultivating emotional awareness and would like to explore further, Edanur is available for private consultation for TFT (Thought Field Therapy).

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