Emotional Awareness Meditation

Emotional Awareness Meditation with Edanur Taktak

Emotional Awareness Meditation with Edanur Taktak. Perhaps for the past 15 years or so, you may have heard far more often the term ‘Emotional Intelligence’. This may be mistaken for meaning the same thing as emotional awareness. They are in fact describing slightly different things. Nonetheless, they are related.

Emotional awareness is often mentioned as one of the key competencies of Emotional Intelligence, according to the Daniel Goldman model. It is perhaps important to understand the difference between these two terms. To understand why being emotionally aware of ourselves play such an important role not only for our wellbeing, but contributes to our success in navigating through life’s challenging moments a well.

Emotional Awareness Meditation with Edanur Taktak

Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. Emotional intelligence is generally said to include a few skills: emotional awareness, Self regulation, self motivation, empathy and social skills.

Before we can develop a better overall Emotional Intelligence, the most important component of this is to be emotionally self aware. There are stages in building emotional awareness as well.

When this is all new to a person, we can say that the first level of emotional awareness is through physical sensation. We hold so much of our emotions in. Sometimes as a result of long term conditioning and other times by conscious suppression. Its effects can range from mild to severe in a mental or physical way.

Wherever your level of emotional awareness is, cultivating a better understanding of emotions in yourself as well as in others lead to a better ability to manage inter and intra personal relationships towards a positive outcome. Its positive affects are many. From being overall healthier by better managing stress levels, it often results in many improved social and decision making skills

The First Step in Emotional Awareness

The first level of emotional awareness is through physical sensation. This is our most basic level of awareness of our emotional state. Feeling tense or tight in the stomach or shoulders for example. As simple as this may sound it is the beginning of a journey to develop such important competencies in our lives.

Many people get sick from emotional reasons. Some may evensuffer repetitive negative cycles in relationships because of this lack of emotional awareness. It is extremely beneficial to spend a few minutes of your day or week to begin simply, this routine of building better self and emotional awareness.

Emotional Awareness Meditation

Emotional Awareness Meditation

The biggest challenge that stops us from moving forward are blocked energies in our bodies. These may be caused by unspoken emotions. When we focus on physical sensations in the body we allow them to become more clear and find a way to move forward.

Emotional Awareness Meditation with Edanur Taktak just emphasises again, how important and valuable the time we give ourselves to meditate. Especially when such short minutes can begin such a wonderful, positive transformation in your life. There are many resources discussing Emotional Intelligence and Awareness. Here, we have very generally touched on an introduction. But this is certainly something simple, yet paramount in our journey towards self awareness and better health.

Join Eda now in Emotional Awareness Meditation

Emotional Awareness Meditation is one that you can do everyday. That you may clear up any blockages that may have built up knowingly or unknowingly over time.

Who Would Benefit from these meditations?

“Actually, for two and half almost three years we are going through a very stressful life. Because of the coronavirus pandemic. This is a fact of life that has affected many for some time. I would say that everyone can benefit from these meditations. In our times today there are a lot of verbal and emotional tensions. Emotional awareness meditation gives us a chance to recognise build up of emotions that already show signs in our bodies. To recognise them and allow them release is a truly constructive way to improve our overall wellbeing.

For those who may already be well on the path of cultivating emotional awareness and would like to explore further, Edanur is available for private consultation for TFT (Thought Field Therapy).

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