Grounding Meditation with Edanur Taktak

Grounding Meditation with Edanur Taktak

Grounding Meditation with Edanur Taktak. Last week, we introduced Meditations with Edanur Taktak from Sawidji With Love. We are very lucky to have Eda join us and share with us her knowledge and experience. As a teacher in Yoga and Meditation Eda’s work specialises in non violent communication and healing trauma. It is surprising just how relevant it is for most people. Non violent communication is really about healthy, positive communication.

Both the words ‘violent’ and ‘trauma’ makes us think of extreme conditions or experiences. However, traumas and violence is not always the obvious or physical kind. There are many forms of abuse that is happening today, including those born out of conditioned daily behaviours and subconscious self perceptions. There are no quick fixes. It is a process of raising our awareness. Understanding our selves and taking the time and effort to make the daily changes that is kinder and gentler first to ourselves and then to others.

The times we are living in is very challenging. With impact from societal, technological and economical directions that are increasingly harder to manage. The aim is to not simply survive in these times, but to flourish. To have the ability to manage these external pressures whilst being centred and healthy. In mind, body and spirit. Meditation is nourishes and strengthens. A dedication to to the parts of ourselves that too often remain neglected.

This is why I feel so grateful to be able to share Edanur’s Meditations with you. A place where you can find respite, but a place to learn to be gentler, kinder and compassionate, first with yourself, and thus, to others.

Join Eda now in Grounding Meditation

Grounding Meditation is one that you can do everyday to bring you back in the moment. It is a simple first step but such an important one and one not to be underestimated.

Join Eda in a Grounding Meditation
Grounding Meditation with Edanur Taktak

Grounding Meditation

“In our modern world as many are caught up in the mind we often lack a full sense of being grounded. When we are grounded, we are deeply present with the body, with the breath and with the world around and within us.”

Who Would Benefit from these meditations?

“Actually, for two and half almost three years we are going through a very stressful life. Because of the coronavirus pandemic. This is a fact of life right now. I would say that everyone can benefit from somatic meditations. We are indoors a lot more and spend less time outside with Nature,.. we have less opportunity to connect to Nature. We are less connected to our bodies as a result. Somatic meditation gives us a chance to compassionately and softly get in touch with our bodies again.

Coming up in ‘Meditations with Edanur Taktak at Sawidji With Love’

  • Body Scan Meditation : Tuning into our bodies and reconnecting with our physical self.
  • Breath Awareness: Focusing on sensations of various body parts through sensation of the breath.
  • Compassion Meditation: Guided meditation on compassion.
  • The Artist Within: Visualisation Meditation to connect with the Creative Life Force energy.
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