Meditations with Edanur Taktak

Meditations with EdaNur taktak From Sawidji with Love

One of the things that is at the centre of Sawidji, is our sense of community. The certainty that positive energy from supporting each other contributes considerably to our wellbeing. This encompasses much more than just what is occurring on the surface. With the challenges that we have faced as a global community, looking out for one another is even more important now. On our little island, in Bali, we are certainly a global community. With many kindred spirits from all over the world coming meeting and crossing paths. Many generous spirits who are filled with many gifts that they bring and share with us.

One of these wonderful individuals who we are lucky to have with us is Eda. She has come from Turkey and found her way to Ubud, to us here in Sawidji. Eda has opened her own Yoga and Meditation studio in Turkey in her home town in 2014. In Iskenderun Hatay. She has been teaching Yoga and Meditation ever since. One afternoon, I sat down with Eda and put together some of our conversation that you can know her as well. She has some wonderful meditations that she would like to share with us. And we will soon be releasing them here for our community.

Eda in Bali

During the Pandemic life conditions was very suppressing in Turkey,. I really in my heart knew that I was not going to live in Turkey anymore. That’s when I decided to come to Bali. 

It was a really interesting journey for me. I knew that I had to forget everything that I knew before coming here. I had a teacher who said to me there must be something you are looking to find in this land’. it is true, from the first, I felt that Bali was like ‘Mama Bali’,.. this land,.. I really needed to connect with Mama Bali,.. Bali was calling me to relax in her arms and enjoy life’’


I asked Eda how she started on her journey with meditations,

“My body felt that it needed some kind of sport or activity. I tried many different sports but felt it wasn’t quite right. Then I heard about Yoga. I was living in Istanbul at the time and there is a famous Yoga Studio. ‘Cihangir Yoga’ and I started to learn Yoga at this school . From different teachers I received different types of yoga and different meditation techniques.”

“There I met two of my teachers David Cornwell, and Zeynep Aksoy. I was very affected by their method. At that time David was also teaching philosophy on Yoga which is a big part of what I enjoyed. A little time later, they opened a Yoga and Meditation teacher training program. I said to myself,.. ‘Eda, you can do this!’. So I did the course and when I started to teach, my friends enjoyed the lessons that I taught.. So I started to enjoy teaching even more.”

Eda’s Meditations

How would you describe your Meditations to someone just starting?

“One type of meditation that I teach, is a somatic  meditation. Somatic, meditation is one where we get help from focusing our breath and the sensations in the body in order to call our spirit into the here and now. Into the present moment. Somatic has direct connection to something physical, to our body. In this instance focusing on sensations and breath. How I perceive meditation is a state of mind, body and soul coming together with integrity here and now.”

Meditations with Edanur Taktak

“Many people perhaps have things like trauma or blocked energies in the body, that stops us from connecting to the present moment. To be fully here in the now. Hard situations that have happened in our lives can cause part of ourselves to be stuck in that moment. It can stop us from moving forward into the present. So, part of this somatic meditation is to help those parts of us that are stuck to be released and move forward.”


Who Would Benefit from these meditations?

“Actually, for two and half almost three years we are going through a very stressful life. Because of the coronavirus pandemic. This is a fact of life right now. I would say that everyone can benefit from somatic meditations. We are indoors a lot more and spend less time outside with Nature,.. we have less opportunity to connect to Nature. We are less connected to our bodies as a result. Somatic meditation gives us a chance to compassionately and softly get in touch with our bodies again.

Coming up in ‘Meditations with Edanur Taktak at Sawidji With Love’

  • Body Scan Meditation : Tuning into our bodies and reconnecting with our physical self.
  • Breath Awareness: Focusing on sensations of various body parts through sensation of the breath.
  • Compassion Meditation: Guided meditation on compassion.
  • The Artist Within: Visualisation Meditation to connect with the Creative Life Force energy.
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